Current Projects

The arcs have been placed …

… and the pavement was made directly afterwards. The city of Heimbach in the Rureifel will be provided with a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. The arcs as well as the underpass for the asphalt surface are made of laminated timber. The bridge was constructed according to the latest directives for the construction of wooden bridges. The useful life anticipated is more than 60 years.

Bridge opened for traffic

After only four weeks of building time on site, the new 60-m-long trough bridge across the North-South railway line in Oberaußem near Bergheim was opened for traffic. The supporting structure of the trough bridge is made of wood in accordance with the most recent codes for wooden bridge building. The inside and outside shuttering can be either disassembled or opened for building inspection. Because of the GRP-based weather-protection on all sides of the main structure, the lifespan of the bridge is estimated to be above 60 years.

Renewed bridge arrived at the harbour

The new bridge superstructure of the timber frame bridge across the Dahme arrived at Königs Wusterhausen harbour. The still intact roof of the old bridge will be installed on the new diagonals of the timber frame bridge. The 60 m-long superstructure will be installed on July 17th from floating pontoons.

Disassembly and installation within one week

In only four days, the 60 m-long pedestrian bridge across the railway in Oberaußem was dismantled and reassembled. The old wooden bridge was unstable and has been replaced with a new wooden superstructure. The new bridge was built in accordance with the most recent codes for wooden bridge building and offers the possibility of a hands-on inspection via 62 flaps.