Current Projects

Complex renovation

We are facing a complex task in the city of Storkow: The damaged weighbeam of a listed folding bridge has to be replaced while keeping the old folding mechanics intact. After renovation, the bridge has to be in working condition for passing sport boat traffic.

Almost done

We are only days away from completing the green bridge in Thyrow. With great efforts, we have already opened the tunnel over the new B101 for traffic last year. Work on the second tunnel will be completed at the end of February.

Trough bridge Schlüchtern

For the city of Schlüchtern in Hessen, we currently have a trough bridge with a length of 30 metres in production. The main girders on the side are made from GL 28C plywood, the U-shaped frames are galvanized steel, and the surfacing is made from GFRP.
The wooden construction that is designed for a lifespan of over 60 years will receive larch boardings. On the inside, where the boarding might be affected by direct splashing, we will use HPL instead of larch boards.

Final work on the Center Parc in Leutkirch

The final work before the opening of the new Center Parc in Leutkirch included the installation of a bridge, as well as the assembly of wooden decking and extended railings on the promenade in front of the central building. Previously we had manufactured and installed the steel/wood roof structures over the swimming pool.

Assembly of the largest wooden wildlife viaduct in Germany to date has begun

In Thyrow, Brandenburg, the assembly of the first pairs of girders has begun. After prefabrication had taken place at the Fresenburg plant in recent months, the prefabricated girder pairs are now gradually being assembled on site. At the same time, the curved cross-laminated timber formwork is being attached to the girder pairs so that weather protection can be provided as quickly as possible.