SL-SLIPSTOP. The certified slide protection for wooden flooring.
SL-SLIPSTOP provides the best grip on wooden floorings. This is made possible by a selfspreading, free of solvents filler material (two-component polyurethane mixture with non-slip powder) that is put into dovetail grooves. Thus, severance of the filler is inhibited even in case of distortions.


  • Meets the requirements for slip resistance on surfaces in public spaces (GUV-R 181)
  • Evaluation group up to R13 according to DIN 51130 possible
  • Application to already laid floors possible
  • Damages are repairable, even repeatedly
  • The Dovetail groove provides a lasting bond
  • Use is independent of wood type
  • Applicable in all-plastic floorings like Trimax by Tepro, too
  • Available in different grey tones and other RAL-colours
  • Position and number of grooves is freely selectable